Membership in the Association is a good sign for ASAP Rent car

ASAP Rent car became a member of the Czech Association of car rental companies more than three years ago. This association was established to protect interests of its members operating in the field of car rental.
The membership of ASAP Rent car in the Association is a good sign for the company, as well as confidence for customers that ASAP Rent car is not in debt, cars are regularly technically checked and that 70% of the fleet is not older than seven years.

More information about the Association:

ASAP Rent car replaced summer tyres

ASAP Rent car replaced summer tyres

Average daily temperatures are above 7o C in our country (temperature below 7o C is recommended temperature for winter tyres). Winter tyres were obligatory for the most of the D1 motorway until to 31st of March and in high mountains until 21st of April (according to Czech law).
ASAP Rent car could started replacing of winter tyres by summer ones. Along with changing tyres all wheels were balanced, technical condition of vehicles was checked and operation fluids were filled up.
All ASAP cars are ready for summer season, now. Last thing is to make a reservation of satellite navigation and bike racks – your first holiday with ASAP Rent car can start.

Only ASAP Rent car makes such an offer

To the mountains in a safe car with 30% discount

Are you going to the mountains and are you considering if your vehicle is sufficiently large and reliable for a demanding winter terrain?

ASAP Rent car has prepared for all winter lovers absolutely reliable cars Renault with full winter equipment. This unique offer (30% discount from rack rates) is valid till 31st of March 2012.

Winter tires and child safety seats in ASAP Rent car are free of charge. Snow chains will be rented for 15 CZK per day and holders for skis for 60 CZK per day. If you have a lot of things, you can hire a roof box for 100 CZK per day.

Note: 30% discount is not possible to apply for other services of ASAP Rent car (for example insurance etc.).

If you decide not to use this offer and you are ready to go to the mountains in your own family car, we recommend you to undergo a thorough check of your vehicle, for example in the  car service B-land (

We are not raising prices

“We are not raising prices”

says the general manager of the ASAP Rent car

The growth of the lower VAT rate from 10 to 14% caused significant price increase of some commodities since 1st January 2012. Officially we should pay more “just” for food, medicines, water and energy (electricity, heat, gas), fares, books and magazines, works, highway fee, accommodation or tickets to sporting and cultural events.

In fact also, entrepreneurs in other fields change prices upwards. Based on these facts, the general manager Mrs. Lucie Šťastná messages to its existing and new customers: “We are not raising prices, our prices in ASAP Rent car remain the same, come to us and choose your car.”

ASAP Rent Car pays attention to the safety of its clients

ASAP Rent Car provides baby/child safety seats for FREE

Since May 2008, it is prohibited to transport children in vehicles without using a child safety restraint system. This preventive measure helped to reduce the number of children killed in vehicles in the Czech Republic from 22 in the year 2005 to 8 in the year 2009. These numbers are meaningful, but not all people still use child safety seats, mainly for short distances.
Our car rental company wants to prevent possible risks and offers child safety seats (Maxi Cosi, Römer and less known but safe brands) to hired vehicles for FREE. Ask for them to protect your dearest ones!

Tips: When selecting a suitable seat, make sure to choose the correct one according to the weight and height of the child (child must not have his/her head over the edge of the seat, even though it meets the given weight range). When installing a car seat, follow instructions of the car rental company staff. Seat belts must be tightened close to the body (only your palm can pass between the body and the seat belt. Set yourselves as an example and use your seat belts too!

We can speak also to you!

ASAP Rent Car communicates in five languages

It is pleasure to state that staff of the ASAP Rent Car can speak to customers in four world languages except Czech. Nowadays, it is normal that staff in the sector of transport can communicate in English and German. Given the focus on renting Renault and Dacia brands ASAP Rent Car provides car rental information in its second “mother” tongue – French. During the last year an increase of Russian-speaking clientele has been registered, therefore in the frame of improvement of provided services our personnel have attended also Russian language courses. Try ASAP Rent Car services and become convinced that we can understand even to you.

Be groovy, use LPG fuel

Be groovy, use LPG fuel

ASAP Rent car provides you with a LPG system free, when a car is hired for more the 18 months

ASAP Rent car started a completely unique campaign. The company offers reconstruction of the fuel system for alternative LPG fuel free of charge in cars hired for more than 18 months.

The main goal is to save the client´s money for fuel.  The price of LPG compared with the price of petrol is one half. ASAP Rent car tries to be eco-friendly, at the same time. Other advantages of LPG vehicles include: improved engine (more still and quiet) and the possibility of using both tanks (LPG and petrol).

In case of more questions regarding the campaign “free LPG for long-term car rental” please, send an e-mail to

Now, everything is ready.

ASAP Rent car is looking forward to the winter

During the last 5 weeks our mechanics have changed more than 800 wheels. We use winter tyres Barum, Continental and Matador.

Before replacing tyres our mechanics balanced the wheels, after that they checked air-pressure in the tyres, adjusted the brakes, filled up fluids including antifreezing washer mixture.

Now, everything is ready. Do not forget to order snow chains and ski holders by ASAP Rent car and enjoy your trip to the mountains.