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Be groovy, use LPG fuel

ASAP Rent car provides you with a LPG system free, when a car is hired for more the 18 months

ASAP Rent car started a completely unique campaign. The company offers reconstruction of the fuel system for alternative LPG fuel free of charge in cars hired for more than 18 months.

The main goal is to save the client´s money for fuel.  The price of LPG compared with the price of petrol is one half. ASAP Rent car tries to be eco-friendly, at the same time. Other advantages of LPG vehicles include: improved engine (more still and quiet) and the possibility of using both tanks (LPG and petrol).

In case of more questions regarding the campaign "free LPG for long-term car rental” please, send an e-mail to stastny@asap-rentcar.cz